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Our Story

Brand History

Maison du Sac was conceived and inspired by the Joie de Vivre ("Joy of Life") evident in the ever-pulsating and ever-chic heartbeat of Paris, France. Our Brand is always in style and continues to influence others using the most revolutionary advances and applications in fashion available today. Our designers are unique in their dedication to providing high quality, meticulously crafted handbags and accessories season after season and their creativity stands out in each and every piece. Our products are made with some of the best synthetic leathers the world has to offer and our passion for Environmental preservation is second only to our passion for fashion. Maison du Sac sets the bar in terms of quality and style for better branded handbags. Late night strolls through the Avenues and backways of Paris, the legendary Maisons of Couture, the bridges over La Seine, watching the chic women of Paris pass by with their effortless style and ease are all inspirations imbued into each collection we set out. We pay homage by offering styles that are classic in look, however, we modernize them by adding subtle design touches and functionalities necessary for today's modern trend-setting woman. 

Beautiful, classic, functional artistic statements... That's what we create at Maison du Sac.

Fashion for all.